I work in a neuroscience lab at Cornell University where I write software and build hardware that lets the students in the lab run their experiments more efficiently and automates their experiments overall.

I graduated from Cornell University with a bachelor’s degree in bio-engineering. After joining the CPL Lab, my main interest was initially in developing or bridging hardware to control experiments and write software to control the hardware. For example I developed USB-FTDI based PCB boards that controls valves to precisely release odors and sample the resulting sniffing response from rats and mice. See hardware projects for a list of projects.

More recently my focus has been more on software projects, primarily using Python. Examples includes the Ceed project that can stimulate brain tissue with arbitrary user-designed spacial-temporal varying optical stimuli over a custom microscope and simultanously records the resulting electrical activity.

I am also a core developer of the Kivy project. My main interests there has been to bring desktop support up to the levels of mobile support, improve the core modules algorithmically and using cython where additionally possible, and finally to improve end-user distribution.

In the last couple of years I completed a master of engineering degree in Computer Science here at Cornell University, with a focus on machine learning due to personal interest.

I have always been passionate to use my skills to improve real world projects by contributing skills that help others be more productive.