Glitter is a app I developed in Python, using Kivy and FFPyPlayer, that enables users to efficiently code animal behaviors (e.g. eating) using video recording of experiments. It also allows users to track the position of the animal using touch or with a mouse. Data is saved in the HDF5 format and can be exported and analyzed using Python scripts.


Glitter is a Python app I developed to meet the requirements below.


Following is a overview of the typical workflow to code behavior. A user:


Most behavior experiments with animals that are not live-scored, are video recorded, manually scored by multiple human scores, and then statistically analyzed. Although there is commercial software to track animal position, it is often inaccurate, especially for experiments under difficult or uneven backgrounds. No software currently commercially exists that can automatically score higher level behavior, such as eating, accurately.

We needed software that can:


After coding, data is accessible in Python using a object oriented interface. We can export information such as the duration of behavior events or the speed of the animal in a particular zone.

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